05 February 2019

The Raven - a new short animation

Based on the poem by Edgar Allen Poe, this was my longest single animation to date at 9 minutes. Michael Z. Keamy did the narration and it was a solid 5 months of full time work to get it done.

This time out with the addition of simple sub-titling tools added to Final Cut X, I was able to add French and English captioning so more people can watch and understand it. I tried for a sombre but realistic tone to present to poem. I have seen a few animations that go wild with abstract shots and ideas but I wanted this to keep grounded. It was a challenge to make something that is basically some depressed dude yelling at a bird in one room for nine minutes until he passes out! I started with longer, lingering shots and then made them shorter and shorter as it progressed to give it a faster pace while keeping the ideas of grief and depression to the forefront.

20 January 2019

Demo reel 2019

A new year, a new demo reel!

12 January 2019

Chicken : 1st drawing of 2019

Just ink this time with no shading and no textured backdrop. Back to the basics in a way. Drawn on the iPad in Sketchbook Pro. Not sure how much drawing I'll get in this coming year, a lot will depend on how many, if any, contracts I get this year.