23 October 2012

Sketchbook Pro 6 first project

I've been wanting to start using Sketchbook Pro as my primary software for drawing and painting for several reasons, not the least of which is it's dull to be stuck in photoshop all the time. Other reasons are Sketchbook pens, brushes and pencils seem to have a more natural look to them and the interface, while missing some useful functions, is less cluttered and geared solely towards drawing and painting while Photoshop is huge, complicated and geared for photography work.

Version 6 of Sketchbook had a major drawback at first release... you couldn't rotate the canvas which is as essential in digital art as it is on paper. This is working now but there were other problems and very frustrating ones. The worst 2 I've encountered are a problem with the layers... locked layers no only would unlock themselves every time I opened the image but while I was drawing. This lead to me drawing on the reference image, not on the sketching layer. The software also crashed and lost over an hour of work. These 2 things alone forced me to redraw the image almost from the start 8 times. Happy to say I've been using "Forever Save" to keep backups of my work every 5 minutes and the crashing has stopped, but for no reason I can discover.

On the good side... if these problems go away for good, I managed to get an image I am happy with without having to think much about software and what function is where or search through long menus to find the tools I need. While this image might or not not be finished... I can't decide until I've put it away for a day or so, I am already looking forward to trying a second image.. maybe a colour one once I can come up with an idea.

(I know the image of my dog is a little goofy and hardly fine art but I like it).

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