01 March 2024

Illustration: grange - Möbius Meadows Farmstead


The barn at my friend's farm in Vermont. I drew it when it was much smaller. The original barn was hanging off a steep hill and in bad shape. he had it moved to a safer spot and built a much bigger barn around it. This is in the style of my last few colour drawings done in Procreate with maybe a bit more painting detail than the rest. 

27 February 2024

Illustration: Carver Street, Provincetown, MA

 The last of these Provincetown drawings for a long while I think. I pass this house a lot from  where I stay to Commercial Street. I love the look but drawing it I saw there were a lot of signs of it having some maintenance issues. I didn't draw any of the trees etc around it to see more of the structure. 

26 February 2024

Illustration: Alpacas

 I have wanted to make cartoon versions of some of the animals on the farm in Vermont. Earlier attempts went... not so well. As I have been cartooning my heart out lately for a client I gave the alpacas another try and I think they came out ok. The sheep... not so much. I will need to rethink how I want to draw them.  Made with affinity Designer. 

23 February 2024

Illustration: Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown


I hard a hard time seeing this place completely as there was always work being done on it when I was in Provincetown. It's set far back from the street and now has houses on either side and trees blocking a clear view as well. On my early morning walk on my last day I passed it and the trucks were gone! So I took a few reference photos and this is the result. Even with the workers gone, the right side was not really visible so I searched from old illustrations and photos from when the church was clearly visible. 

21 February 2024

3d Mock up to Illustration

 This is a part of an illustration for the children's book I am working on. Some of the panels have been very complicated and difficult to fit what the client wants into the frame and in the same perspective. I had been using Cinema 4D to make simple mock-ups to make the items fit in the frame and to keep the perspective consistent. Sadly, my C4D version no longer works on my OS and I started to learn Blender... again? Still?  In any case above is the finished illustration made in Affinity designer and I managed to make the mock-up in Blender  over a couple hours. Still don't know enough to do much but I made progress so that is a positive! 

The children's book looks basically like a cartoon and keeping all the images looking like they belong in the same book is not easy. 

17 February 2024

Illustration: Love N Happiness, Provincetown Massachusetts

 This was a different challenge. Doing the red on red on red paint job was what drew me to the building. I took away the power lines and other extraneous stuff from around the structure and then took away the little American flags and Xmas decorations I thought would ruin the cleaner look I wanted. 

12 February 2024

Illustration: Tower from Commercial St Beach, provincetown , MA


This is a common view in provincetown, I never tire of it. One thing I don't like is the wires, posts and other crap that blocks the details I like to see so i didn't drawn much of that. Still the details took quite a bit of time and I almost decided to keep this as line work. I have a couple more drawings to do from my December trip. 

09 February 2024

Illustration: Race Point lighthouse, Provincetown MA


This was much easier than I thought it would be. I thought house details would take forever and I wasn't sure how I was going to paint the colours as my reference were all taken during a snowstorm so I had to remember and guess how they looked to me while there. 

I kept a somber tone and tried not to go crazy with the details on the dunes as it's the lighthouse and buildings I want to stand out. Outlines with an ink brush for the details and then coloured in underneath. 

05 February 2024

Illustration: Roy


My nephew's 4th dog! He bought a house with a lot of land so they have plenty of space to run around. Roy is a puppy and loves being outdoors with my nephew. Procreate and it took less time than I anticipated. 

31 January 2024

Illustration: Lobster Pot restaurant Provincetown, MA

 Not quite head on like my other buildings but there was not a chance of even seeing the name of the place if I did that. I loved eating here for decades but since I can only afford to be in Provincetown off season, it closed when I am there now. I did not add too much shading to this one, for some reason I like it better a little simpler.