03 May 2015

new drawing

more acrobats in pen and ink style. A couple weeks to draw and set up. I am hoping to get a to more references this July when Montreal Complement Cirque is happening again. It is my only chance to get what I need since its free, nearby and I don't exactly have the clout to just walk into a cirque school and ask to take reference photos for my work.


T' said...

Wow, I think this is your best one of the series yet! Really nice balance of detail all around, a nice spread of focus through the figures, nice use of spot blacks. Really well balanced and executed. Hope you do get some more material!

Vincent-louis Apruzzese said...

OMG that's so nice of you to say. Plus you noticed the black areas... I was unsure about them until I looked back at some of my older work while I was planning this out and remembered how I would always work from pure black up to the the blank paper and always wanted a balance of both. I did the same thing with my photos, always want the complete range in the piece.