28 October 2016

Vector experiment

When I was a kid, my cousin and I would make comic strips using the Fischer price toys we had as even younger kids as characters. It was weird and we still do little things with it now and then.

In any case the originals were obviously done before computers so they were drawn on typewriter paper and the text was typed out then glued on the images. Colour comics were coloured with pencils, watercolours... water I had around. Maybe were black and white so I used the new Super Vectorizer 2 to convert one of the pages then coloured using Affinity designer... sort of using some ideas I stole from Mike Luce who had a little live drawing show I would tune in to when he did it. He make sit look so easy... it's NOT!

You learn a lot more doing a project than playing. I think so anyway.  The vectorization was not as clear as I would like but since Illustrator CS5 isn't so stable anymore and CS6 tracing sort of sucks, this will be part of my Adobe replacement plan.

I did make me want to do more.

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