14 April 2013

New portrait

Unlike some of the last few drawings (flickr page)  with people, this one is a real portrait, that is recognizable as a specific person. In this guess my boyfriend of 10 ten years, Robin.

I tried to mix several techniques to make a sort of hybrid of traditional and digital styles and I think it works out nicely. The face is painted in greyscale with a slight hue added to give it a skin tone and the rest is digital pen and pencil.

01 April 2013

How many email addresses do you need?

As part of my constant battle to have less, not more things to maintain on the computer, I've been trying to reduce the number of email addresses I've accumulated over the years. I have one "official" one for Behemoth media I've had since the early 90's, plus personal ones, gmail and Yahoo versions for behemoth and the personal ones, plus an ever growing number of Apple emails thanks to Apple's constant adding and then abandoning of online "cloud-like" services, each with it's own email address attached.

All the passwords and remembering what email was used for where is a huge pain in the ass. No to mention every mobile device has to be set up for so multiple accounts and in the end, no one knows which one to use to get in touch with you.

So I'm trying to cut back and finding it practically impossible. Apple has no way to remove old email addresses but they do send everyone one to the same account so it's less a burden administratively. I am seriously thinking of getting rid of the dedicated Behemoth media account. It's not like I'm a big company (It's only me) and at this point I think the gmail version will work just find and be easier to manage. I'll keep a personal gmail for buying stuff. The yahoo account I had rid myself of years ago, but then I needed a flickr account and as flickr and yahoo are the same now, I had no choice but make anew mail account.

My ultimate goal will be to get down to 4 including the never to be looked at yahoo one. Wish me luck!