22 February 2018

Nostrodumbass - remake!

I decided to redo my project In the Future with Nostrodumbass from 8 years ago because, while the voice by Michael Keamy was awesome, it was done in standard definition and I think I can do much better with the animation now.

He is now little less influenced by Korla Pandit and a little more influenced by Jafar from Aladdin. As you can see from the old model (below), he originally didn't even have legs. I also fought tooth and nail with the rigging and think with the character object autorig I used for Charles Billingsworth in Dramatic Readings I can get a much more nuanced performance. 

My plan, now that he is ready for animation, is to look over the old script and re-edit the dialog into something tighter and hopefully funnier. The original won a small prize at a Toronto film festival in 2010 and I might try and get this new version shown around as something new.  Like many of my projects, the original wasn't seem by too many people to begin with. 

I have decided to drastically change the set as well. I am not sure many people got he was at an organ in the original or how important it was that he was. Seemed important at the time. I decided a podium and a more preacher like setting was better as he can now move around more freely. 

12 February 2018

Dagon - new animated Lovecraft short

I put a lot of time into this one, preparing, testing and working out problems. It take place outdoors for most of the film which is new for me and has more effects work than I usually have. Michael Z Keamy does the narration and did a great job. I also added more sound elements to this one, trying for a creepy sound as well as feel for the mysterious island.

I could say more, but I'm really sick at the moment and need to lie down!