28 January 2015


illustration - trying to get away from using more than is available in real pen and ink drawing even tough I am often on the computer. I think it's to easy to go too far with layers and shading and effects and too easy to hide failings in my drawing technique by fancy brush shading.

So this was done with just black pen strokes and I have to say is more satisfying to me than some of my other stuff since I started drawing on the computer. In life I always look for shades of grey but in drawing... I think I'm mostly a it's black or white guy. Still trying to figure out why I am happy with the fur I draw and so very unhappy when I draw hair on people. I am also settling in to the fact I have two very different styles when it comes to drawings like this and my colour series of acrobats as an example. I go the greyscale to colour route with colour drawings and use much less detailed pen work.

Thing is, when I post something like this... which for the moment I am pretty proud of, no one seems to care or even like it so much while a shirtless acrobat gets 100s of views on Flickr and I am not so happy with the end result. Nipples always win the internet I guess. Well this guy has 6 of them.. I think... didn't look... seemed wrong.   :)
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