18 January 2015

C'est Wow / Look Kool demo reel

I was hired to do character animation, effects integration and 3D graphics for a French/English Tv show for children by Apartment11 Productions over the course of 4 months. that was a  short time to do 16 episodes for each language... so 32 in 16 weeks! Despite the challenge, it worked out pretty well, mostly due to the team there and hard work everyone put into it. This reel is just my work, no the final product which went through additional After Effects, sound and colour correction in many cases. While I was able to do the more complex work at my home studio, the production company did not have the full version of Cinema 4D so my main job, the animated cat, had to be constructed within the limitations of the broadcast version of the software.... basically without many of the character tools I usually depend on.

C'est Wow demo reel from Vincent-louis Apruzzese on Vimeo.
3d graphiques, character animation and effects video integration for Apartment 11 Productions Montreal Quebec


T' said...

Really fun stuff, Vince! I know that you were working ridiculous hours and it wasn't a lot of fun but the results sure are cool. Toaster cat, or whatever his name is is a neat character. And it's a good reel, too. Well done and I hope it brings you more work in the future.

Behemoth media said...

well we will see, some people are a little TOO surprised that is so good... what do they think I do for a living I wonder? LOL