01 January 2015

dessin: Arthur et Chat

another one done. This time there were issues with the Wacom tablet. Ever since updating to Yosemite with the new computer Wacom has released a series of worthless updates to the tablet drivers. In the end I uninstalled it and installed my 80$ Monoprice tablet I use for travelling. Works perfectly. Wacom needs to pay more attention to these things with tablets threatening to take over the market they were king of for so many years and with cheaper tablets doing almost as good a job.

Shirt, jeans overalls, cat fur an hair this one has a lot of things that are challenging to draw for me. I kept away from using greyscale shading on much of the ink work as I wanted it to be more traditional looking and adding a little gray shadow here and there can hide a thousands sins and I'd rather just avoid the sins... sometimes.   :)
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