27 December 2014

Danseuse, acrobate dessin

Feels good to be drawing again... after months of not being able to do anything but work and having to put all my ideas and projects on hold. Not even a week on my own again and I was able to re-edit my short documentary "Parc de L'espoir", do a drawing on paper, then this one and finish reading 2 books. Having been putting in months of work without a single day off and working 10-16 hours each day... I also got to sleep again. Almost forgot what that was like!

That all said, STILL not happy with how I am doing hair these days.


T' said...

Hair is a bitch, right? Regardless, this one came out really nicely. Thought it was a photo at first! Glad you're coming out of your work-time intact and ready to go on personal stuff. Hope it paid you enough to keep doing this for awhile.

Behemoth media said...

I am thinking of going more cartoon like with the hair, forgetting the minute details and see how that goes. In tact? not really. Hopefully the funds will last until something else comes along. In the meantime I have a documentary to do and about 15 more drawings lined up.