26 September 2010

Moving forward

EDIT: October 5
Almost ready for rigging now I think.

She has a head now. Still very generic as I am hoping to use this as a base for some other characters as well. Edit: photo with ears added.

Edit: textures started.


T' said...

Looking good! The one thing I'll say is that the lighting in the top image is too harsh. The lighting in the one below makes it look a lot more 'real,' if that's of any use.

Behemoth media said...

I agree. The earlier are "Global illumination" renders which look great but don't animate well or work well with the "Hair" effect. The last is more standard, I'll have to work hard on lighting it to get looking near as good as the other method. The real test will be how she 'comes to life" which will take me another couple months I'm sure.