02 September 2010

new animation project

As usual, it's a long slow start to getting an animation short done. I am hoping to have the character(s) modeled and rigged by winter to start animating. I always try to do a little more each time out, this time I am hoping for a very stable rig and to animating more than one character on screen at the same time. (I did Nomi and Chog a while back, but these will be humans). I think this clay render looks promising. I really have issues getting what's in my head realized in the 3D model.... but it's gets a little easier project!


T' said...

That's pretty keen. The boots are a neat detail indeed. Good folds. Best of luck with the new animation. Looking forward to seeing more.

Behemoth media said...

the boots could be folded pant legs too, it all depends on how I do the textures... I'm keeping pretty flexible still. I'm really going for a cartoon look ( due no doubt in part to looking at your current work). The face will be hard!