29 November 2010

Back to basics

I think drawing is still the most basic skill in all the visual arts. Nothing compares to learning about perspective, depth, form... you name it. It's something you can do anywhere and anytime with materials so cheap anyone can afford it... even me.

I often work from photos on complicated subjects like this guy. On vacation though I like to draw whatever is in front of me.

Since I am in the middle of some not very pleasant surgeries right now, drawing really makes things seem a little easier to deal with.


T' said...

Wow, look at you still doing all that stippling! How big is this? Something to be proud of, that's for sure. Love how the legs are kind of ghostly. This is the image you kept trying to send me, yes? Was it just too big a file? Because I got your email this morning.

Behemoth media said...

Yes, it was. It was more than small enough, I think my email server had a hiccup or something. The drawing is about 12x 16 inches. I'm not loving the face part but getting close to spider is hard and sort of gross. My last drawing was all lines... so why not bring back the stippling? It's tedious and time consuming... my favourite things!