02 January 2013


I've been sitting on reference images for over 10 years inspired by Fritz lang's Les Nibelungen. Jason patrick from Boston was the model and I never got a satisfying photo montage from the photographs… they just looked tacky to me. With my recent return to drawing, I thought now was time to really get the images I wanted out of my head. This first was sort of an art-deco poster idea. 

I have a second idea from this film and think I'll try other drawings inspired by other silent films.. most of which I've also taken tons of references for over the years and never did anything with. 

Edit: I've added a second image after some feedback on the figure mentioned it could have been more dynamic. I do think I like this better.


T' said...

This is a neat idea! I know I'm in the minority, but I like the top image better as I think the shape of the silhouette works better with the composition.

Behemoth media said...

he definitely fills the space better in the first image and I think has a more 3 dimensional feel. The second is a more action (sort-of) pose which is more in character. My ex hates the hair… in both!