11 November 2013

What I won't be buying anytime soon

Instead of reviewing things I have, I thought it might be interesting to mention things I not going to have anytime soon and some of the reasons for that. 

The new Mac Pro 
  • It looks like a beautiful machine but the looks don't add up to something practical for the price. Yes it is very powerful, if you get the higher end version and price is actually less than speculated for the lower end version but the cost of peripherals etc just doesn't make it a viable option for me. I can see a big studio going for them but in that case the revolutionary look really doesn't matter much. My 2009 Mac Pro tower will have to last a lot longer! 

Adobe creative cloud 
  • I have talked about this before. To much money for someone who doesn't constantly upgrade (like me) and the whole cloud, pay by the month deal is a dangerous rip off in my opinion. Why anyone would go for software that will not work and bring your entire business to a halt if you miss a payment or can't get online is a mystery to me despite the other possible benefits. 

Wacom iPad stylus 
  • Looks great but won't work with my iPad 2 which isn't getting updated for quite a while yet. I am a little skeptical after their inkling product was such a bust. The Canadian price a little high as well, if you could even find it somewhere. 

Cinema 4d version 15
  • I would love this, but since they went on a seemingly new version every few months schedule, I am so far behind I would have to pay close to 4000$ with taxes to get it now. (And it still lacks features some free software has, like smoke and liquid effects.) 

A new iPod (or any smart phone)
  • My iPod can not be updated to the new iOS but it works fine and really isn't all that old. I still don't have any pressing need for a smart phone or the fees that come along with one. I can't survive without my podcasts while at the gym or at my part time job so I hope this thing keeps working a long time. I don't have the funds to buy a phone simply for the iPod part. 
A new camera
  • My 12 megapixel Nikon serves me well but I'm not satisfied with the images as I was spoiled by using 120mm film for decades. I could really use a full frame Nikon but again 2 grand is not coming into the budget in the foreseeable future. 

A new bike
  • Hey! Bikes are more tech-y than many admit and my 12 year old specialized Allez-sport is great but past it's prime for my 3-5000km a year needs. I simply don't have 2 grand to upgrade. And if you think that is a lot for a bike, you aren't a cyclist. I just hope the break covers on the handlebars don't completely fall off next summer. They can't be replaced anymore and I have several 150 km rides planned in the spring and a triathlon to celebrate my 50th year in 2014.  

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