04 March 2014

Colour or Black & White?

I have a tendency towards black and white but occasionally colour makes it's way into my drawings. In this case I drew the black and what version then colourized it for sort of a pen and water-colour look (I think). The colour does seem more dramatic. 

If interested, click to see expanded versions.


T' said...

I was able to flip back and forth really easily with this set up and though I generally vote for black and white, I think this one is better in color. It looks richer, the contrast heavier and things more solid. Don't know if that helps, but there you go. And you get to keep both versions! :"D

Behemoth media said...

I think I like the colour more as well though in both her face is a little intense. I was thinking of you "overshooting the page" issue you talk about now and then when drawing her. In the reference photos she looms large in the backdrop but when I actually took the real proportions... not o much. It's amazing how strong our perception changes things as opposed to how they really are!