26 July 2014

Give me money! (help fund my next film)

My new film about the Million year Picnic comic book store (the oldest comic book store in the USA and one of the world’s first) needs funding for me to finish it and get it out there. So I’ve set up an Indie GOGO page for people to contribute with little incentives for people who give above certain amounts. I have already begun filming at my own expense and just traveling to see more people, clearing images and music for the film is beyond my finances now. 

If you can’t give, please post my desperate plea for cash on Facebook or whatever other social media you have and tell anyone you think might be interested. I have been on this film over 4 years now and I’d like it to be DONE by next summer and out into the world. 

Thanks everyone! 


T' said...

For what it's worth, I promoted it on Facebook and Kelly, one of the current employees posted it to the Picnic's FB. How else are you getting word out there?

Behemoth media said...

Craig Gardner was visiting last week and he said he would try and get the word out. I am counting on everyone to help tell other people and I've been contacting i)9 and other sites that usually promote these things but so far they have all returned my emails. I put a post on the film site i write for but that place has been dead lately.

T' said...

You might try comics sites, too like the Comics Reporter. And contact Tom Devlin again. He might well put a link in the blog for D+Q. He might also have some suggestions as to where else to poke. The most successful crowd funded projects seem to all relate to getting that word out. Best of luck because I want to see it, too!

Behemoth media said...

Spike has an opine community presence as well and he will promote there. I will try Devlin, he wasn't on my mailing list for some reason. At this point if I make enough to take the bus to boston and pay for gas for y father to drive me to gloucester it would be at least something.