28 January 2015


illustration - trying to get away from using more than is available in real pen and ink drawing even tough I am often on the computer. I think it's to easy to go too far with layers and shading and effects and too easy to hide failings in my drawing technique by fancy brush shading.

So this was done with just black pen strokes and I have to say is more satisfying to me than some of my other stuff since I started drawing on the computer. In life I always look for shades of grey but in drawing... I think I'm mostly a it's black or white guy. Still trying to figure out why I am happy with the fur I draw and so very unhappy when I draw hair on people. I am also settling in to the fact I have two very different styles when it comes to drawings like this and my colour series of acrobats as an example. I go the greyscale to colour route with colour drawings and use much less detailed pen work.

Thing is, when I post something like this... which for the moment I am pretty proud of, no one seems to care or even like it so much while a shirtless acrobat gets 100s of views on Flickr and I am not so happy with the end result. Nipples always win the internet I guess. Well this guy has 6 of them.. I think... didn't look... seemed wrong.   :)

18 January 2015

C'est Wow / Look Kool demo reel

I was hired to do character animation, effects integration and 3D graphics for a French/English Tv show for children by Apartment11 Productions over the course of 4 months. that was a  short time to do 16 episodes for each language... so 32 in 16 weeks! Despite the challenge, it worked out pretty well, mostly due to the team there and hard work everyone put into it. This reel is just my work, no the final product which went through additional After Effects, sound and colour correction in many cases. While I was able to do the more complex work at my home studio, the production company did not have the full version of Cinema 4D so my main job, the animated cat, had to be constructed within the limitations of the broadcast version of the software.... basically without many of the character tools I usually depend on.

C'est Wow demo reel from Vincent-louis Apruzzese on Vimeo.
3d graphiques, character animation and effects video integration for Apartment 11 Productions Montreal Quebec

12 January 2015

Copps Hill book now for sale on Amazon

My photo essay and history of Copps Hill Burial Ground is now for sale on Amazon.com as a printed full colour photo book! For those without iPads or who wanted  physical copy, this is the place to get one. At the moment it is only 8.99$ but will go to 9.99$ fairly soon.

Buy the book

you can still buy a digital version on iTunes of course for 4.99$

01 January 2015

dessin: Arthur et Chat

another one done. This time there were issues with the Wacom tablet. Ever since updating to Yosemite with the new computer Wacom has released a series of worthless updates to the tablet drivers. In the end I uninstalled it and installed my 80$ Monoprice tablet I use for travelling. Works perfectly. Wacom needs to pay more attention to these things with tablets threatening to take over the market they were king of for so many years and with cheaper tablets doing almost as good a job.

Shirt, jeans overalls, cat fur an hair this one has a lot of things that are challenging to draw for me. I kept away from using greyscale shading on much of the ink work as I wanted it to be more traditional looking and adding a little gray shadow here and there can hide a thousands sins and I'd rather just avoid the sins... sometimes.   :)