11 February 2015

dessin - acrobat - toile

another acrobat done. I changed my technique slightly. normally i add some noise/grain to the image it soften the sometimes harsh photoshop look to the drawings but i think I made be better at drawing digitally and avoiding that problem.Hair seems a little better and I had a very hard time with the rear foot for some reason. I did notice the background gradient is little weird from the reformatting to jpg. In the PSD file is really smooth.


T' said...

I'll admit, this one is a little hard to read. There's a flattening going on here and his pelvic area seems a little odd. Still, I always applaud you for taking on really challenging poses! Keep making!

Behemoth media said...

I put off doing this one for those very reasons. The position is so extreme... but then again that's what drew me to it. (it's a she BTW- she was very muscular!) that might be why the pelvic region looks odd! I really want access to take photos at the clique school here... i might just ask and see wha they say. I don't think they would be all that impressed with my drawings but maybe they would let me do it if they saw at least I am serious about the artwork.