15 October 2015

Trapeze artists drawing

I am still not 100% happy drawing in photoshop for my black and white illustrations. I bought Kyle's brush set and that has helped a lot but the water colour like backgroundsI easily get in Sketchbook is still somewhat out of reach. It's nice but not exactly what I am looking for so I'll need to do a lot more experimenting. Of course the best scenario would be a person of sketchbook available from the App Store without rapid you every month for cash like Adobe and a few others are doing. There was just an update to pixelate and Affinity photo is getting close so maybe I won't need either one day.


T' said...

Besides liking the drawing in general, which I do, I actually like the background better here than on, say, the moose drawing. To me, it looks more organic and matches the pen lines you have down here, which also look pretty organic. That being said, what's more important is that you're not happy with it. I hope you can find an answer soon enough. It must be pretty frustrating not to have a tool that works as you hoped it would.

Behemoth media said...

I do think there is some way to get what i wan tin photoshop. I might have to bite the bullet and buy the stand alone expensive version of Sketchbook someday for my drawings. I do like having a separate software just for them. I might be too married to the way I've been doing things in sketchbook as well. Always trying new things at least!