27 August 2016

pendaison -hanging

I managed to quickly take some photos of some street acrobats, in poor lighting conditions, during the fierté celebrations in the village this year. The acrobats were much more "raw" in their presentation, using only a couple supports and their bodies so it was a change from the bigger productions I use for inspiration during "Montreal Complement Cirque".

Not sure I got the tension in his arms as well as I would like, but I wanted to concentrate more on his face and less on the body as I normally would for these things.


T' said...

I think there's definite tension in his arms and a real look of concentration in his face. I always have trouble depicting abs and you've done a great job here! A win, I think, all around!

Behemoth media said...

I spent a long time studying his abs... too long. LOL
I like the face the most in this and I didn't go overboard, I think, with trying to show every pore.

T' said...

I agree. This one is a great example of detail and restraint. And I'd study his abs, too!