01 June 2017

Edgar Allen Poe project - The Raven

I was up for a TV job that I did not get and decided that the cartoon raven is made for it, with a few modifications, would work for an animated version of the poem, The Raven. I reworked the CGI puppet and set up this little test which shows potential. I think.

This won't be done until next year I'm guessing as I am almost done with my Ambrose Bierce animation but have already started work on Poe's The Oval Portrait.

My idea is to have a series of gothic horror shorts that are not all Lovecraft and maybe tell a few more obscure stories in the genre. The Raven is far from obscure but since I seemed to be part of the way there - why not?

In case anyone is interested, here is an image of the original model which is certainly more child friendly. 


T' said...

For what it's worth, I don't like the new layout of your blog. I liked being able to see the whole posts at once. That being said, I'm always eager to see you stretch your animation muscles. Sorry I've been SO long on the voice work for the current one. I should be able to finally get to it on monday.

T' said...

Ignore that last comment; I was looking at it with the iPhone version. Your blog looks fine.

Behemoth media said...

I was panicked for a moment! I thought google might have decided to change the format suddenly! I still want to do some thing more like a traditional; cartoon in 3D someday. I need a really good idea though to get it going. I just have little bits and pieces floating around in my head.