12 July 2017

Affinity Designer - practice projects

I have been trying to get more deeply into Affinity Designer lately. I started with a quick project for a friend. he wanted very clean illustrations based on crop circles which presented some challenging elements but also taught me some important new tools in the software.

Drawing and particularly using the pen tool in AD is so much easier than in Illustrator! While Ad still lacks in some areas.. no spiral tool or warping tools - to name a couple examples - the ease of drawing almost made up for their absence in most cases.

Next I decided to re-create a friend's tattoo and my own as I didn't have any drawings of them oddly, just photos with them visible in them. The only image I had of mine was from a 20 year old photo website of mine in .SWF format (Flash)!

The biggest challenge was my friend's tattoo. There are not very clear photos, its complicated (an adaption of a voodoo vévé) and even the actual tattoo has faded and blurred to the extent that many details were lost. I do love vévé drawings, however and it might not be 100% accurate but it has a hand drawn look i did not expect from a vector drawing program. I am actually thinking if incorporating a vévé design into my tattoo at some point now.


T' said...

You have some cool stuff here (no surprise). I'm pretty comfortable with AD now, though only so far as I was with AI. There are TONS of things it can do that I can't do with it but which are also outside my flow. Glad you're having fun with AD. As it gets better, I care less and less about AI.

Behemoth media said...

While it doesnt have all the features, it has enough and i have to say i actually loke working in it which i never did with illustrator. Just seems i can get stuff done in a way i am not tearing my hair out!

T' said...

I had to revert to AI today; there are some effects like free transform and shearing that AD doesn't seem to have. Pissed me off to do it, but it was a minor thing. Also, don't know that you can export in ANY DPI as you can with AI. Don't know why you shouldn't be able to but there it is.

Behemoth media said...

I don't understand the lack of warping tools, they are really the features this needs to put in ASAP. They have some in AP, so they know how to do it!