31 December 2017

Bilan 2017

So I don't usually summarize the year at it's end but I've been thinking about doing it the last few months, so why not?

I think for many people, in general it was pretty stressful year to say the least. The American election to my south was shocking and continues to be. Politics aside, my year was personally full of ups and downs. I lost several friends, one was total gut punch and I did not take it well. I also had no substantial contracts and made less money than pretty much ever in working life. My home needed 20 000$ in renovations which worked out well, just not for my already too small retirement fund.

On the plus side, I was pretty busy with my own projects. Lots of drawings and I finished 5 animations which is a record, I think! 2 of those films were presented at the Another Hole in the Head film festival in San Fransisco and one was another education short for Christopher Labos at The Body of Evidence podcast.  2 more were huge challenge for me and I find them to be a success in furthering my character design and cartoon animation skills. I got to work with Mike Luce a lot more and with Michael Z Keamy - both who are nice enough to help me by lending their voices to my work. Keamy and I also made headway on a Walt Whitman project we have been talking about for YEARS. I was able to see quite a few people I haven't in a very long time when I spent a few days in Provincetown and my brother and I went to Colorado to take photos - which was another project we talked about for years and had not gotten around to. The TV show I worked on was in the running for a international Emmy - which somehow did not translate into a third season, at least not so far.

I made huge leaps in my work abilities. A lot of things came together in my head finally and I also found many ways to get things done faster and more efficiently. If I ever get hired again, I'll be able to accomplish more than ever before and much quicker

So here I am, hoping 2018 brings real, paying work. In the meantime I have 2-3 animations being planned out with Mr. Luce and a new Lovecraft film in production. So while I might keep being poor, I won't be bored. I will need to find part time work somewhere, somehow... the only posts readily viable see to be working at sauna (sex clubs) and that is not very appealing. As my mom always says, Beggars can't be choosers!

2018 is the year of the dog, and I have one and have been called one on occasion so maybe that's a good sign for the coming 365 days.


T' said...

Happy New Year, Vince! Good summary. Glad you had so many positive aspects to your art and personal work. You're still moving forward, even if the employment front is still a little thin. I'm betting you'll do fine. It was a lot of fun to do VO with you, and I look forward to doing more. That you've made a lot of stuff and learned to be more efficient are not things to be overlooked or undervalued. A lot of folks might have just sat and waited, you kept learning. That's a good trait. Hope it's a great year for you!

Behemoth media said...

I would say you and I have done a lot and come a lot further in our personal work this year. You've done a lot to help me, not so sure I've done anything that helped you! I am bracing for another tough year and hoping for the best. Even if it's terrible for work, You and I might get 3 Dramatic reading shorts done and I'll get my new lovecraft and remake of Nostrodumass before the year's end which won't pay the bills but is satisfying in own way !