13 June 2018

Drawing with iPad 2018n and Apple pencil with Sketchbook pro

100% done with the new iPad. The size is 15x15 inches and it has several layers. No problem with pen lag or slowing down on the iPad because of the size. I did this to learn the Sketchbook Pro app better on the iPad and picked this subject because it needed a variety of techniques to pull off. Some pen work, some use of the ruler tool and some grayscale added in with a brush at the end.

It's not super easy all the time drawing on the tablet with Sketchbook. I had to redo a few things as I went along. Being able to hide the menu and tools helps things go faster but the ruler was not easy to position precisely with my 2 fingers. Also it's really easy to make some marks you didn't notice while zooming and turning the canvas with your fingers only to have to erase them when you notice them later. The pen itself is really great to use, I can't think of any drawing issues I've had with it so far. It is true charging it is not well thought out. Too easy for it to break sticking out of the bottom of the iPad and the little cap hiding the charger can get lost super easy - just not very well thought out in that respect.

I have a couple more tests to do to see how well I can work with the tablet. Which is the best iPad I have owned so far. I had the iPad 2 and then a mini, each for quite a few years and I expect I'll keep this one even longer. I don't really notice the space between the glass and the surface like some reviewers have griped about. Seriously, it's almost ½ the cost of of the iPad Pro and that is really not a problem.

I bought a keyboard/cover for it which has space for the pen and I also got a matte protective film to put over the screen. It does cut dow on the vibrance of the colours a bit, bit it also cuts down the glare immensely and makes the pens feel much more like drawing on paper so I recommend that for artists.

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