25 July 2018

New animation project: Filthy Sheep

This project will be short, but not sweet. The sheep isn't called filthy for nothing! I am going for a completely different style here, very cartoon-y despite the language that will be used by the characters - or maybe because of it. It's not too out of the box for me, however. I think Charles Billingsworth the 3rd from my Dramatic Readings series would fit right in - stylistically anyway.

I have 2 shorts planned for this. In the first I'll use the weasel I made recently as the second character. The sheep modelling went terrible until suddenly it didn't - and i got pretty much what I wanted. The farm-scape is exactly what I pictured in my head. I wanted and outdoor, pastoral location in broad daylight to counter all the shadowy gothic horror stuff I've been doing. All the voices will be me this time around and I'll have to use all my audio tricks to pull that part off.

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