16 March 2019

new drawing: Parc La Fontaine

My niece asked me for a drawing for her new place so we went back and forth over what she wanted and decided on a drawing of Parc La Fontaine where she and her boyfriend went running last winter.  So it was decided to take separate photos of them so I could draw them into the scene.

This took about a month to draw. The trees the most forward have a lot of detail and as they go back I decided to make them grayscale silhouettes, lighter and lighter to help give the piece more sense of depth. It's a lot of trees with 1000s of branches but I think drawing them all with a pen brush paid off and let me keep details that would tip off to the real location I used for reference. I didn't make it 100% exact in terms of details. I took out the street lamps, for example. I thought they took away from the setting and they are sort of ugly, even in winter covered in snow. I drew the runners separately so I could work bigger and get small resemblance to the real people easier. I added them into the finished drawing and then did additional work to make them fit in they make the more the centre of attention. I didn't draw logos on the shirts and hats, but I did put my sister's business log on his toque as a little joke. Very little, it's impossible to see!

My goal was to draw something that could be identified if someone visited the location and to give  sense of cold snowy day. I also wanted to push my digital art further than I have been. I have been restricting my work to mostly stuff I draw with real pen on paper and not always doing what I think makes the best image.


T' said...

I think the end result is really cool! The sense of depth is not only great but by using the greys, it gives a sense of mistiness, too. The two of them look like they're having a good time, which I don't personally understand as they're running in the snow. :"D Great result. They're going to love it.

Behemoth media said...

Now to get enough money to send her a print! Thanks for your comment, I actually like how this came out. It has been a while since I spent a month on a drawing and I might do something similar to this again, without the people and in anothr part of the park. I took a few hundred reference images and the trees there are cool, old and large. Next visit Ill take you for a walk thrugh it. I'ts only 15 minutes from my house!