05 October 2019

Doctor Who Icons illustration

I was at it again, this time I added to my "icons" series which started with landmarks of places I had visited and morphed into TV and movies that I like in the same style. This one was more complicated in some ways as the older ones were a flat look and this one adds shading and things are turned angles giving it a much more 3 dimensional look.  I might have put a little too much detail fro the final product but I drew each element separately so maybe I'll use them somewhere else later on. I have done this sort of thing for Star Trek, Star Wars and a few other things, not sure why Dr. Who took so long to get on the list!

I did the work with Affinity Designer and it's something I might not have tried in Illustrator even though Illustrator is more than capable to do this, it's just not fun to work in. I was surprised how quickly it went. Vector drawing has been mostly for logos and some simpler drawing work for me, even though I do like the clean look of it. maybe I'll do more now that this went well enough.


T' said...

Very cool, Vince! Vector drawing is very addictive. It's been in my toolbox for years though I usually sketch first and trace the sketches. AD doesn't have an eraser, not a proper one which is one of the reasons I don't draw directly in AD. But the program IS easy to use. Hope you continue making cool stuff with it!

Behemoth media said...

I did continue... I just added another one to the list! I heard they are working on a proper eraser. What they have now is fine with me but I would appreciate that upgrade. I didn't want to use pixel brushes on this for some reason. Just wanted it to be "pure" vectors. I found a way to import some photoshop cloud and smoke brushes into Affinity that wouldn't work before with "one simple trick" (how click bait that does sound? )