29 January 2020

28 Young Men - animation

28 Young Men, a short poem by Walt whiman read by Michael Z. Keamy and animated by me (Behemoth media).

The project has been several years in the making. Originally we wanted to do live action and scouted and filmed several locations. As time went on, it became clear that getting 28 make men to splash around on a beach for free was not really a realistic option. We needed a secluded place and no trouble from local authorities. So animation was the voice in the end.

The men barely move, (and no there are not really 28 of them but I am not exactly Pixar so we never see them all at once), the idea being they are frozen in the woman's fantasy as she imagines herself moving amongst them. The beach and house are loose representations of Newburyport where Keamy grew up and had specific locations in mind. So the advanced filming came in handy when it came to making the sets.

The water effects were done with X-particles for Cinema 4D and look pretty good to me. they are not meant to look like real water and match the cartoon look of the ocean waves.

Warning, I guess... cartoon nudity.


Fav Cous said...

Well done. I especially liked the water crashing against the rocks animation.

T' said...

Interesting take, Vince. It's an odd poem. You've made the men not at all 'dirty,' but kept them erotic and in good taste. They're kind of more like statues which lends credence to their depiction in the poem. I think stretching your usual aesthetic is good for you. Keep stretching! And keep making!

Behemoth media said...

That is pretty much exactly what I was hoping it would come across as Mike! They are more in her fantasy so they move very little while she moves a lot more... I was hoping for a little dreamlike but I'm not sure I got there.

T' said...

I think that if you wanted to make it more dreamlike, you could play with the lighting or effects with the air, which I bet take tons of computer power and rendering time. I also find that in dreams things tend to just change into other things, so morphing could be a possibility. Either way, glad people are taking it as you intended it!

Behemoth media said...

A more dreamlike look might be better suite for hand drawn animation. It can be more fluid a lot easier. I still have two more animations to go though before I have no solid plans for more so I'm glad this is out from under my belt.