22 October 2020

Nautilus @ 8 months

Been working on this on my iPad for a couple weeks. I started and restarted it a couple times and it's OK now, I think. I didn't want to use and shading tricks other than pencil and pen lines. Drawn in Sketchbook Pro. 


T' said...

Wow, you have a hell of a lot of patience. You always did. Lovely drawing of a lovely dog! I think you're starting to really take the iPad to heart. :D

Behemoth media said...

I find drawing on the iPad amazing, painting and colour illustrations I am still struggling with. I am beginning to have your misgivings about Procreate getting a little crowded with features as Sketchbook's pencils and pens are peewit but the interface is super clean and once you learn it, it's pretty much out of the way.