15 December 2020

Illustration: Tiggles


This is the second drawing of a toy Ive kept since my early childhood. One of my first along with Spot, the dog toy I drew a few months back. Tiggles (Pronounced tie-gels) is a much worse shape and might be a little scary to any kid who inherited now. I drew it in Krita, which I like more and more for drawing on my iMac and after doing the initial pen and ink drawing, added a couple extra layers. One colour layer with the toys electric green eyes and some more subtle red on the nose with light orange in the mouth and another in with some greyscale shading. The grey won out in the end, but I didn't delete the other layers in case I change my mind later. 

The whole thing took about 3 days and about 15 hours. I had to redraw the darker sections as they were too light for contrast after I started drawing the bulk of the fur. I used a solid black and a very dark grey to five the lines a little more tonality. 


T' said...

Very nicely done. There's even a sense of artificial light, almost a flash with some pretty gentle use of line work. I'm still tied to my iPad for drawing. The best thing is; it doesn't matter what the tool is, what matters is the result. And you get great results.

Behemoth media said...

OMG you are way to good at observing things... I did use a flash to counteract the window light coming from behind, something rarely do. I LOVE drawing with the iPad but I have to hide in my office to work and I have a 27 inch 5k screen the to draw on and it wins out. In the summer I was able to draw on the terrace with the iPad and that was wonderful. This was a challenge. I am still not sure how to do the threadbare parts of overly loved toys. I struggle with using greyscale over pure ink line and dots for some reason. I never worry about that when I use charcoal and blending sticks when I work on paper and it's pretty much the same effect.