04 December 2020

New project: A Vine on a House (animation)


My next animated short is an adaptation of the Ambrose Bierce short story, A Vine on a House. I have started by making the one and only set piece which is a house on the side of the road - one version of it fairly new and well maintained and then another in a ruined state years later covered in vines. I also have been working on the logo. 

Next step is the make the 3 (sort of 4) characters which I would like to be very simple. No more than 2 appear together at a time so my computer should be able to handle the shots with not too much slow down. 

Another change from my previous project is there is no dialog, something I have tried in the past and abandoned. Since I don't have access to both my voice actors, one I have to go to his place to record which is 500 km and a closed  national border away, this is a good time to do a silent project. 


T' said...

This looks quite amazing, very atmospheric. Was I one of the voice actors? If so, why don't you have access?

Behemoth media said...

I have access to you but not Keamy and I normally have 2 characters in a film that speak. This one would have had maybe three speakers if I did;t decide to do it without dialogue. I have another project in mind for you, my pretty - and your little dog too! I wish I could get Keamy to have a recording set up in his place and I would really like to have female voice to draw on. If I did I could have much more diverse stories and characters in the gothic horror stuff.

On my 3D forum I got some critiques that the house was not ruined looking enough, that it was too fairytale in it's architecture from a couple people. On the other hand a woman who always has good suggestions for me there said to ignore the "make it more real" and keep it true to the story instead with she and I have discussed before and I would say that is the deciding factor for most things in my animations, that and technical limitations.