06 January 2021

Poster: Gamera

Yes Gamera, the giant flying turtle and friend of all children. My mom's favourite giant monster so I had to do it. 

I used my "giant monster style" I didn't know I had. Simple background, silhouette with white ink lines to add details with hints of colour. I really like drawing white on black. I used to do scratch boards in secondary school and every now and then and I just like the look of it. 


T' said...

Damn, that was fast! The Gamera figure is really solid! I like the way the claws and teeth almost seem to glow. The detail, kept to a minimum works really well. This feels like a card for a vinyl toy of some sort or maybe a game. Very cool! Very solid!

Behemoth media said...

Thanks I think it looks like a toy ad as well. Not surprising my main references were a still from the movie, a publicity shot and a toy photo. The white on black technique I really need to try on other subjects.