27 January 2021

Poster project: Dracula

Took many references to get this one going. Overall, I like it but the likeness is still not where I want it to be. I do not have a solid grip on the new techniques I am using. The background is from an image of the underground crypt at the start of the film but I tried ot be loose, well, loose for me, with it. The red touches were from when I saw the play in the 70s with Louis Jordan. Everything on stage was black and white with one red coloured element. The logo is copied from a title card for the film. One thing I noticed researching these is there seems to be no official logo for any of the films. They differ from the actual film titles ot the posters to the lobby cards. 


T' said...

I like that one red line. It feels like a pointer to the text, the inside of his cape and blood all at the same time.

Behemoth media said...

his ring and eyes are red as well. I am drawing these at 11 x17 inches so details get really small and unnoticed especially when people look at them on their cell phones.