11 January 2021

Poster: The Wolfman


Click image for larger version.

This was the one that started it all and almost anded it all. I tried several times to do a Wolfman illustration/poster over the years and never came close to getting anything close to what I envisioned. This is pretty far from what I going for back then, but I have been fairly successful or at least having enough fun with making monster poster more recently and gave Lawrence Talbot another go. 

I made a pretty detailed sketch based on quite a few reference images. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to show his shirt details and decided to try a style in-between the giant monsters and the classic horror monster posters. So mostly black and white wth hints of colour and still used the charcoal brushes in Krita  for the character. I used some brushes in Affinity photo and modified a 3 moon image I made a long while back which I painted over. The logo is from the opening credits of the film and remade in Affinity Designer. 

Despite the references I have myself  much more liberty to use my own imagination in the pose, details and lighting than in previous projects. Sadly the TONS of detailed I put into the fur on the head is now hidden in shadow but it looks better this way in my opinion. 

This one has a true "move poster" vibe to it. 


T' said...

It has the feeling of an 80s or 90s VHS re-release to it. Looks like a lot of detail was lost in the lighting, but it was in service to the overall image and it's always better not to fake those things. Bravo for going through all the work even if it wasn't seen.

Behemoth media said...

You can see much more detail if you see it at the original 11x17 inch size so it might translate better to printed poster. I original had the hairs all pure white like the white on black for the giant monster posters but it looked too harsh.