22 March 2021

autoportrait 2021 - procreate ink


So this is something I have never done in my memory - drawn myself. I have drawn plenty of others and animals and places etc but never myself. 

Took a week doing it at night before bed. The reference is from a  series of photo self portraits, which is something I do reluctantly every few years but I wanted to do something different this time. 

It's pretty simple and basic. Stipple for the skin tones and lines for the rest. I did a little extra work in Affinity Photo because I usually add the title and my name there and noticed that the right cheek was a mess and needed more stipple work to blend it better. The is black fill with white stipple to give it some added detail. 

I avoid looking in mirrors so this was sort of weird, looking at my own face for hours. I think the beard came out well and the hair isn't bad and that is usually what throws me off the most. 


T' said...

I REALLY like this. I think it's definitely you, definitely an expression I've seen you make, though a touch sadder than I'm used to. Really nicely done. I might recommend doing more of these as this one was so successful. Yah, we don't like looking at ourselves but we have few better subjects; we won't complain, we don't worry if it's not quite right, we can just make them and learn. And I think you did. Very impressed.

Behemoth media said...

Robin thought I looked afraid. I think I look more tired and worn out, because I am these days! Who said I didn't complain and worry it wasn't right? LOL It was less horrible to do than I thought it would be in the end. I do wish I done this over the years, especially when I was more... interesting to look at. I could go back and try to work from old photos but even when I had coloured hair and makeup no on ever bothered to take photos of me so there are not many images to pull from. Thanks for the kind words!