05 September 2021

illustration: Nathen & Pascal 02


I don't know why but this was a long one do paint, about 35 hours. I tried not to obsess over the fingers, toes and ears - things I often work on for hours and hours because they are complicated to get looking right - obviously I did not try all that hard and obsessed anyway. 

Lots of hidden details in this that are only visible close up or in a print. The upper tank top has ridges and I drew them all so the material wouldn't look shiny, as shiny as it would have looked without that texture added. I went for more contrast in the skin tones between the two guys and I think it was successful. Pale skin is harder for me to render than darker skin. I don't know why I picked that colour for the background but I'm glad I did, I think it's nice compliment to the 2 skin tones. 

It might not seem it but this is more "painting like" than many of my previous colour illustrations and the transition between tones is rougher so I might be getting away from my pen and ink level of detail and letting myself work a little looser with paint. I notice it anyway! 


T' said...

First off, this is a very solid painting. The figures have weight, there's good foreshortening, they feel real. This to me does not feel 'loose' at all! There's way too much work in it for it to feel that way. You left nothing to chance, and it shows. This is not a critique, just how it feels to me. Some people want looseness, some don't. There's nothing wrong either way. No matter what, you made something you should be proud of. Well done!

Behemoth media said...

I guess loose isn't the best way to say it! (Maybe Luce? No that's not it. ) I looked at my first acrobat painting with krita and by comparison it looks like a first try, even though I still like it. I feel like I "should" try something much more loose at some point, just to push what I can do little more. I have to say, long as it takes to accomplish, this painting technique is more satisfying than the greyscale to colour drawings I did in Photoshop when I first started this series. They look more like graphics to me, closer to the pen and ink work than this does.