15 September 2021

Illustration: Paul torsion assise

 A bit of skin in my last 2 drawings I guess. This was from 20+ year old references as well and the quality was better than my recent diver references but still somewhat degraded. I had quite a few of them this time so I think I got more out of this one. You don't find many guys with muscles as defined as this. 

I did have to change the pose and some details slightly. This was mostly for clarity of the image. A few toes from the crossed over leg were really distracting and there was a hint of penis which is not something that I would normally hide but it took me some time to even know that was what it was. I also removed his tan line. To be honest it was pretty sexy looking but, again, distracting from the pose. I thought emphasis was on the shoulders and back, not his butt. 


T' said...

Very lovely image! I especially like the reflected light on his side. Hard to do. Everything is nicely shaded and doesn't look like it was easy at all. Always keep that ref! You never know when you might want it again! Making a very nice series with these. Keep it up!

Behemoth media said...

It was time consuming but oddly I am finding that a satisfying aspect of working in colour now. I am going to be much more care in future about purging my reference images!