25 September 2021

Illustration: Runner

 Painted in Krita again. I tried to draw this severalties in the past and always trashed the results. The reference image is blurred and terrible but I gave it another try and I'm much happier with it now than in previous attempts. I decided to make it more about contrast than straight forward detail and that seems ot be the best choice. I had planned to get new references when the Montreal annual marathon passes by my house but, like last year, it was cancelled. GET YOUR DAMN VACCINE SHOTS EVERYONE!


T' said...

This feels very lifelike. The expression especially feels sincere. I can really feel his fatigue. The singlet, too feels very real and correct. There's weight and volume to him. Well done! You're really progressing here!

Behemoth media said...

I think the effort he seems to bet making was the ony reason I didn't delete the reference photo and kept trying to draw it over and over.There is a lot more imagination in this one than most of stuff, it was super blurry but still had something interesting about it.