08 October 2021

Illustration: Tony 06

More inspiration (desperation?) from my collection of photos. This wasn't ever meant to be a drawing, but I really liked the photo and thought it might be a challenge to get his shiny skin right. To my surprise, I did the sketch and basic colour fill of the form yesterday and the rest today with only about 5 hours of work. I think it is because this is ALL skin with very few little details to worry about like folds in clothing or textured or wrinkles in the skin. Not a complicated hair style either. I feel oddly proud of this, something I never feel when just finishing anything. In some ways being forced into my old catalog of images has been a big plus, though I would still like the chance to take new images with new subjects sooner than later. 

Painted with Krita. 


T' said...

This is so solid, it almost feels like a 3D model. Very dimensional, very nice tones. A lovely drawing. By all means, keep mining your past stuff for new projects. There is something to be said for these latest works.

Behemoth media said...

I think some of that 3D effect might come from the lighting. Thee red highlights are something I might use in an animation for sure. I think my skin tones have improved greatly from my first tries at colour drawings where they looked much more illustrative because of the drawing in greyscale then recolouring technique I was using.