28 January 2011

Huge site update!

Behemothmedia.com has had a major update. Mostly it's a simplification of the site, making it much more a portfolio page and less and information source of what's going on... that's what the blog is for! I also decided to host videos and photos off site as much as possible. I just saves time and resources and always for more flexibility.

I am sure it won't please everyone... it already hasn't in fact, but overall it's a step in the right direction I think. The point is to give potential clients a look at my work and that's what it does.

Not sure I'll keep that photo on the front page. I do believe that most people like to "see" who they might be hiring, but that photo I'm not so sure about.

20 January 2011

now available at Amazon.com

My film "50 years" the story of the relationship between Ralph Hodgdon and Paul McMahon (which is now well over 50 years) is for sale at Amazon!

the direct link

Please consider buying a copy and encouraging people who may like the film to do the same.

For those of you who thinks this means "I've made it"... think again. It's great thing to have happen, but my take of the sales is very small, I'd have to sell 500 a year to make what many people consider to be a below the poverty line salary. So I still need to to find new work and new clients to makes ends meet.

Amazon now has a service for artists that lets them sell music, video and books on the site. Amazon only makes a copy when an order is made. It's really quite an amazing development for independents like me!