12 August 2011


In Provincetown for the week taking photos and relaxing with friends. Experimenting with some techniques and finding the HDR is not the best thing for sunsets.. at least I haven't figured it out yet.


T' said...

Awesome stuff as always, Vince! Love the range of effects you show even in these three images. Do you upload to any of those online galleries which people buy images from? You know, the ones that use people's photos for book covers, magazine articles and the like? If not, you might look into it.

Behemoth media said...

I am really trying to break from the "HDR" look when possible. I joined the getty images group on flickr, but they don't seem to want any of my images. I looked into a couple more but they wanted really specific things and file formats i couldn't always figure out what exactly they wanted. I don't think many people really like my style of photography too much.