13 February 2013

Flash Gordon site from the past

At one time, the use of Flash was considered more cool than it is today and the ability to interact with animations was fun.. it got out of hand pretty quickly. This might be an example of that. But it was fun to do and that was point… to make the site fun. Sound isn't exactly in sync as it was on the site originally. Being obsessed with Buster Crabbe… I had to do it.


T' said...

Didn't he sell Icy Hot? :"D The site is pretty cool, Vince but I have to say while the novelty of Flash was initially cool, it honestly got in the way of the information it was trying to present. I remember sites that were SO clever, I never knew where to click to find a simple email address. People simply don't want to click through a bunch of stuff to find what they want. There's no attention span any more. That being said, this must have been a hell of a lot of work. Good for you for seeing it through.

Behemoth media said...

Don't diss my Buster! (yes he did sell Icy hot.. I could use some). I think it's easy to forget during that period when flash was so all over the place that internet was fairly new… no one knew what they wanted from it. Were sites for info? Did people want a site to be a brochure, or a little film, or an interactive story? What would make someone stay on the site, info or interaction? In the end we got a lot of useless flash animation and decided info we could get quickly was what the internet was all about.