03 September 2014

Another Acrobat drawing done!

I spent the good part of the last few days just working on this drawing. Feels good to get something done you want to do and not have to do! I feel this one was much more of a success than the last. Might be because the face isn't visible or that this one has a better silhouette.


T' said...

I like this one even better! The detail on the shorts and shoes is extra cool. Look at who's getting lots of art done! And look at all these entries in just the last few days! I'm behind!

Behemoth media said...

Robin was back at work and the new job had not started so I suddenly had the time to actually accomplish something! Not sure if anything else will get done for a long time as I'm not working in my own studio for the new few months and will never have any private time to work on anything.