17 August 2015

Musique de Erich Zann - prise 10?

Maybe the tenth try to get this further along. It is in fact further along this time, however. I will have to re-dress the interiors little but not much and I redid the street completely. The stumbling point has always been the two main characters and while I am not 100% happy with the look, they will have to do. I even rigged the main guy completely and did a short test. problem was the rigging system in C4D while a lot easier than ever -  was causing some joint lock and was little hard to find all the controls on. Sad since the automatic walk cycle may have saved me tons of time on some scenes. Recently I was finally able to wake up enough to get my tried and true Cactus Dan tools updated for V16 C4d and did a ton of rig updating on older puppets to get back into the feel of it. SO I've decided once again to re-rig the main guy and see how it goes. In the meantime, the test promo for what I have is eventually a finished animated short. and Shot of the new-er main guy puppet.


T' said...

Well so far, it's really lovely! The last version I saw I don't remember being nearly so atmospheric. Obviously a labor of love. I can't even understand the terminology you're using for the various programs you're using, so i can't begin to understand how you use them. Looking forward to seeing the final version!

Behemoth media said...

I have been working on the look quite a bit. I cheated on the new rigging. I found I had a fully done rig (by someone else who sells rigging plugins I bought) and managed to adapt it to my guy with only a little effort which save a lot of swearing time. The character of Zann I have revisit the model and then rig him the same way. After that I can do 95% of the film. just have to design and make the monster!