27 August 2015

BenQ monitor

Less than a week ago my Apple 24 inch Cinema display lost it’s picture, just the picture. The USB ports, sound and camera still worked fine but those things without a image don’t make a good monitor! As this was my secondary monitor I didn’t feel the need to get the 1200$ new version which, while really nice is way out of my price range.

Luckily there are a ton of lower end, well priced alternatives. After looking around I found the BenQ, with decent reviews and well under 300$. 

Cheap. 27 inches. lightweight. LED display.

Weird interface to set it up. Didn’t recognize the HDMI port automatically. Image is acceptable but compared to even the old 6 year old 24 inch Apple display, it’s noticeably of poorer quality. No camera, ports. Text does not look great on it.


For a second monitor its fine and well priced. Image is good enough for most things but not really for colour work on photos or video. 

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T' said...

Sorry your old one died. I know it's hard to step down when you're so used to certain tools with which you make your work. I hope that it's only a matter of time and then you won't notice it at all.