01 September 2015

Starting to come together

Almost done rigging the second character. Still working on facial expressions and some secondary movement rigging. I want Zann, the musician's tailcoats to move dynamically as he moves for example. I am hoping to get a couple shots actually animated with the younger man before this Friday when I am riding my bike to Vermont and won't be able to touch this for a few days.

Right now there is no lighting on them, so I am hoping they look good in set and with the right moody lighting. There is a still monster to create and rig but it's not in the film very much so getting the scenes with these guys is priority one as I work out the monster stuff in my head.


T' said...

I like the middle image the best; those sunken eyes are really cool. If I can offer one bit of critique; the full figure in the third image seems a little stumpy, making him seem a little doll-like. I get the idea that he's supposed to be more threatening. Otherwise, I'm still really looking forward to what you're going to come up with. This also explains why it's been so quiet from Vince-land lately! Have a great trip to Vermont!

Behemoth media said...

I was just posing him to make sure the cane moved with his hand. I want them to look, or move at least more like puppets in some ways so it has a more stop motion look. Not sure I'll pull it off. The old musician character isn't as mean as you might think! I have 55 seconds "done" I could send you... not much happens other than the street scene you already saw, the young guy arrives at the old house and looks up. Some of the interiors were made over 5 years ago and they are causing problems so I might have to remake a floor of the house before going forward.