31 March 2016

Look Kool demo reel

Look kool_demo reel 2016 from Vincent-louis Apruzzese on Vimeo.

A demo reel from my first two seasons of the TV show Look Kool. I tried more technical things the second season, like water and smoke simulations and gave my character, Kool Kat a huge upgrade in movement and expressions. If needed, I could even make him talk... but i'm glad he doesn't since that is a nightmare to pull off well! He also got a robotic arm and was rendered as  a 2D animation in this season!

1 comment:

T' said...

Neat reel, Vince! I especially like some of the more cartoony, quick reaction shots you did. I still think he should be called Toaster Cat! :"D I hope this helps you get some more work, preferably of the kind you really want. They should be glad they have you. I hope they treat you like they realize this.