13 March 2017

Auto portraits 2017

So every ten or so years I do a profile portrait to embarrass myself. I guess it is good thing to do, especially now since I really don't get photograph people much anymore.

Since I had to set everything up in my studio, I took a variety of portraits, including some with "my hair up". It looks like this when I wake up so I'm sort of natural punk rocker. When I was younger it was more Ziggy Stardust-like, it just stood straight out (and was often orange, red, or... well name  a colour).

Since going to digital, the voice of doing colour or black and white can be put off until you are processing the photo instead of having to start off with that choice already made for the next 36 photos. I tend to go b&w in the end but here is a comparison of my choice with one of the photos.

I am actually always embarrassed by how I look and very private so it is always odd for me to put images of myself out there. I had to set up the backdrop and camera and be on my knees to keep in the frame for these so it felt a little silly. Luckily I have a remote to set off the shutter or I would have to set a time delay and run into position before it goes off! 


T' said...

I REALLY like that comparison strip. How cool that you've done this every so many years so we can compare? I think you look great. Don't like photos of me at all which is why I'm always making Calvin faces in them. I agree with the choice of B+W, too. It suits you and the color one doesn't really add anything.

Behemoth media said...

I really am an old punk rocker now.... i wish i had taken a few more in between, like every five years maybe. The last ine inthink i look like i am about to tell someone something terrible, then eat thier face.